Gotham City’s Darkest Days – The Dark Knight Is Missing

admin September 21, 2017 Views 263

If you are a citizen in Gotham City, then you don’t have to worry too much about criminality since Batman would always be there to get rid of crimes and syndicates. But, what if there is a time where Batman is missing?

  • This is Batman Bad Blood produced by the DC Comics Original together with Warner Bros.  Bruce Wayne is missing and even Alfred have no idea where in the world he is. In fact, the good butler is covering him up especially when the live stream media is always at his side. So, it is up to detective Grayson to find out. The good old commissioner is also worried about this nightmare of Gotham.


  • As they always say, when the bat is away, the criminals will play and this is what exactly what Gotham looks like without Blacknight. This is where Nightwing came out from his shell and shows his stuff to the City of Gotham. This animation film is available at

  • There are also several Batman the animated films available that you don’t want to miss. Watch all of them for free and subscribe for updates. Aside from Batman animation films, there are also from dusk until dawn, attack on titans, the age of Ultron, grave of the fireflies, justice league and team injustice.